100 Days of Fonts

100 Days of Fonts is my personal project that showcases the potential of Google Font pairings.

While working on web design projects, I found myself frustrated by the disparity of resources for type on the web and type in print. Couldnt type on the web be as beautiful as type in print?

Inspired by the 100 Day Project popularized by Elle Luna and Michael Beirut, I took on a 100-day challenge in which I designed and coded a unique typographic design in the browser using Google Fonts to show how fun web typography could be. Below are a few of my favorite days as they capture my love for funky typography layouts and color. 

Learn more on my blog post about the project.


Services provided

Creative Direction
Website Design


"This is the kind of project that many designers set out to create for themselves, but they often fall short on developing the actual content they’re designing with. Kim appears to be using self-initiated bits of text...and the results are pretty entertaining."