Wedding Wednesday No. 1: Let the Planning Begin!

This is the first post of an ongoing Journal series about my thoughts and learnings around planning our wedding. Check back every week for updates! 

You know those girls who start planning their weddings from the age of 12?* I was not one of those girls. Don't get me wrong, I've thought plenty about getting married, but the wedding itself? Nope. I'm the queen of secret Pinterest boards and I didn't even have a secret Wedding Board until I got engaged (mostly as a matter of some weird principle). That's a big deal, folks.

Having said that, only hours after Josh proposed and I said, "Of course!" I created said pinterest board and started planning the one thing my brain found most exciting about a wedding: the stationery

I quickly realized we needed a venue and date before I could design the stationery (damn). So, a crazy spreadsheet and 80+ venues later, I'm relieved to say we've signed a venue contract and locked down a date. But more on that in the coming weeks.

In the midst of all this, I've been pinning like a mad-woman, trying to figure out what I want from our wedding in terms of look and feel. (I say "I" without shame). And it's actually been a little bit unexpected, for me at least, what I find myself envisioning for our day. 

Josh claims the wedding itself is not a big deal to him, but I think we're both very visual people with strong, intimate relationships, and it's important to me that our wedding reflects us as a couple both visually and experientially. You (theoretically) only get married once, right!? 

Brooklyn Wedding Moodboard

Anyways, enough writing! In typical designer fashion, I want to share an initial mood board pulled from some of my favorite images on my Wedding Board for anyone who might be interested. Believe it or not, our "wedding colors" will not be Rose Quartz and Serenity. 

Until next time.

*According to American movies, such people exist.