Wedding Wednesday No. 6: The Engagement Photos

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"How terribly American!" my British co-worker responded when I told her I was thinking about an engagement shoot.

It's true. Engagement photos are about as American wedding as it gets. And they can be painful. You've all seen them, the cheesy photos of couples dressed up, posing with a "shabby chic" D.I.Y. sign announcing the date of their wedding...*cringe* If you are part of a couple I am describing, I apologize. I'm a hater.

Before I was engaged, I thought I could do without engagement photos. They were cliche, corny, but, of course, Bridezilla Do-Hee had other thoughts. The task remained to convince my dear fiance that engagement photos were a good idea.

Long story short: The final "negotiation" went something like this:

"Can we do an engagement photoshoot?"
"I'd rather not."
"But we really need photos of us for our wedding website." 
"Why do we need photos of ourselves on the website?"
*Acknowledging we don't need photos for the website, Do-Hee throws a tantrum*
"If you want to do a shoot, I can't stop you, but you can't expect to get my permission."

That's fair.

3 weeks and a google calendar invite later, we were shooting with dear friend and talented photographer/designer,  Christine.

In the days leading up to the shoot, I sent Christine some inspiration shots (I'm a master of private pinterest boards). I wanted scenes that felt intimate, relaxed, and natural — pictures our future children would look at down the road and remark on our youthful romance. 

Christine did a great job making us amateur models feel comfortable during our shoot around our neighborhood of Noe Valley. Check out a few of my favorites below! 

 I couldn't be more happy with the results.

Now, I'd really like to order some prints. Do any of you have recommendations for where I can get nice non-square prints printed online?


Photography: Christine Choe