Just My Type: Abril Fatface - Google Fonts

It's been nearly a year since 100 Days of Fonts. And while I'm in no hurry to take on another 100-day commitment, I know I've only dipped my toe into the world of web type and want more.

In an age where we do all sorts of crazy with the web, I still see so many websites using "safe" fonts such as Times New Roman, Arial, Verdana, and wonder, "Why?"

Go with me here. It's as if you're throwing a party and while you could serve any flavors of ice cream to your guests, you always serve chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. Now, there's nothing wrong with those flavors (God knows I love a good strawberry), people wouldn't complain, but wouldn't it be fun to mix it up once in a while? Maybe a watermelon gelato for your summer bbq, a pint of salted caramel for date night, a gallon of heath bar crunch for girl's night? 

The point is, there are so many great web fonts out there, including many free web fonts, each with its own flavor and possibility, yet so many of us seem to default to our own versions of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry fonts with every project. Why? Fear? Convenience? Ignorance? I myself am guilty of this as well (Proxima Nova & Adobe Caslon Pro for me). 

So here I go again. I'm challenging myself to continue to play and showcase free web type and font pairings with a little bit of personality, in hopes that we, including myself, are all inspired to be a bit more adventurous on the web.

This week's Just My Type features Abril Fatface  one of my favorite Google Fonts. 

Abril Fatface is a bold display typeface great for headlines and labels. It adds a punch to a block of copy and pairs well with more subtle serifs and sans serifs.

If Abril Fatface were a person, she'd be my best childhood friend. Comfortable, dependable, with a dash of sass and style. She's always going to be there for you and you know you can rely on her to make the ordinary a bit more special. 

Abril Fatface - Best Free Font to Use on Your Website

Abril Fatface

Foundry: TypeTogether
Characteristics: editorial, modern, bold, quirky, fun
Recommended for: headlines and large labels - the high contrast between the thick and thins of each letterform makes Abril Fatface difficult to read at smaller sizes.

Get Abril Fatface

Price: Free!
Hosted: Google Fonts
Download Font: Font Squirrel