Every year, thousands of families across the country create personalized, photo greeting cards to celebrate life's moments. While plenty of players cater to this demand with a robust desktop service, Simplecards saw the need for an easy mobile experience.

I partnered with the team at Simplecards to design a visual brand and streamlined, mobile app for a new generation of mobile-first moms. Our challenge was to create a visual language and product experience that was truly simple and delightful.

Services provided

Brand Consultation
Product Design
Stationery Design


Brand Guide


Mobile App Design

When I joined the project, Simplecards already had launched their app with a small base of users. With the feedback from these initial users, we were able to evaluate the user experience of the existing app to identify pain points and sources of friction. Keeping target user in mind, the goal was to minimize the choices she had to make from start to finish. The choices she did have to make we aimed to make clear with delightful rewards. We also wanted to infuse the brand voice and visual identity into app. From sketches to hi-fidelity designs, I owned the re-design of the app.


Product Design

At the foundation of Simplecards was just that — simple cards. I created a range of stationery designs for several life occasions including holidays, births, and graduations. Keeping in mind our target user, I designed minimal, timeless, and beautiful greeting cards that she could easily customize with a few taps on her phone.  Below are a handful of the customizable card templates I designed for Simplecards. 


For licensing reasons, I could use only typefaces available on Google Fonts for all the stationery designs. Since these cards designed in the mobile app were to end up as printed greeting cards, I selected the Google Font pairings I thought best for screen and print. 

The limitation of typefaces was a challenge, of course, but little did I know this client project would soon inform the popular 100 Days of Fonts project!